Midnight musings

I tried to unfold into an ever deepening sea of resolve. Unscathed by the apprehensions of populace. i was now living with my raison de etre of being here. living above the ordinary has been my shrine. Endless traipse of connotations do unfold for the same, but now i can punctuate them with ease. Looking over lines, i saw myslef driving with the windshields open, the gush of the himalayan air was evident with the munificence it brought along on my face, now darker more sullen and deeper as i could reckon, the beard was a sign of giving onto sublimation. John mayer came out with a project amd i didnt know. made me cry when i found out. i think we’re on the same lines, Ive grown with him, so an attachment to a metaphysical decree is a given. he rolls on life with the Colorado mountains to bless. i roll on life with a belief that is now a mountain. The queen of california has indeed stepped down. Im on my one blade submarine ride, hope you drink to me.




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