The irresistible urge for Being.

Now the fact is that most of you must’ve read either Hermann Hesse’s work, where he makes the normal ‘the guy the next door’ guy into Buddha, or any other body of work which extols the virtues of being other worldly. Hermit is the new cool. Growing a beard is the steam that drives the rotor of happiness (as these guys say).
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But then how many of us do really sit down and follow these tenets down to the last line. There are a lot of laudable take-aways from these books like smiling at random strangers (though the experience has been far from what I would have liked), saying a heartfelt thank you, or simply meaning ‘good’ bye when we say it to someone.

These are priceless little things which can add that extra glimmer of hope, the little proverbial cherry without which the cake remains nameless.

But we are ascriptive human beings aren’t we. We all want to climb up Maslow’s staircase of aspirations and we all want to hit home run before it turns too late. Like the old Greeks said that a ship is safest at the harbor, but that’s not what ships are really meant for.

The idea of humans ‘being’ rather than humans ‘doing’ is therefore an inflated concept.

What if the guys at OPCW decide to follow the adage, what if the arctic council guys do so, what if the NATO, CBD all of them decide to be. But here in lies the catch.

Being is a state of mind. Doing is manifestation. If one isn’t secure within, he can’t seek it without. The duties of the Karmayogi with a thorough grounding in action have an even firmer belief in ‘Ishwar Aparna BUddhi’ in Nir Manava Bhava. These tenets are rooted in the a priori essentiality of an equanimous mind. download meme

Wearing a yellow robe, or finding a haven in the hills isn’t sine qua non to achieving that cosmic thrust of joie de verve . A sweeper is equally Buddha and so is a manual scavenger. The act of manual scavenging although one of the biggest incrimination’s on modern day humanity, does require tremendous amounts of duty ethics and the perseverance of a saint. Who else can be Buddha more.

The soldier is the Buddha, the postman in rural Odisha is so. The mother who prays at her sons epitaph, the software dudes making life easy for the blind, the dog who carries her wounded owner to the grocery store.

What’s your score. How do you picture into the frame. Are we running around in circles? And even if we are, are we watering the plants that grow along the road. Are we growing okra or are we growing hatred?. Are we being or are we doing? Believe me the line is imaginary. Blur it! Crush it! DO. BE. LIVE. GIVE.

Happy New Year


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